The weekend's here (if you're reading this on a week day ... just pretend), so get ready to party like you're a 'Hillbilly Rockstar' with Bridgette Tatum's new single as your soundtrack. Tatum, who co-wrote the No. 1 hit 'She's Country' for Jason Aldean, is expected to feature this song on her debut full-length album shortly.

Tatum wastes no time proving her music can rise above the din at even the loudest hillbilly bar, with a bold electric guitar line leading the way into a rousing rock-country party anthem.

The press release for this song says her goal is to "entertain without too much overthinking," and, based on the lyrics, mission accomplished!:

"This thing is off the wall / Ain't gonna be no last call / Listen up we're asking y'all / Do you wanna party like a / Do you wanna party like a / Hillbilly / Hillbilly rock star."

There's no release date or title announced for Tatum's new album, which she apparently recorded recently in a 13-track, 5-day frenzy of creativity.  No doubt she'll be performing some of those songs on her upcoming tour dates, including a Feb. 19th performance at the Daytona International Speedway.

Listen to Bridgette Tatum, 'Hillbilly Rockstar'