Brothers Osborne took sweet revenge on Eric Church in a prank war to wrap up their latest tour.

The duo have been out on the road supporting Church on his Outsiders would tour, and the superstar gave them a lovely parting gift to remember their time together on their last day of the road trek. In the video above, they return to their bus to find that he has pulled an end-of-tour prank at their expense.

"They pranked us real good," John Osborne says. "Real good. This is our tour bus now, full of balloons." The clip shows the main compartment of their bus filled with dozens and dozens of balloons, so many that it's practically impassable.

They took a page out of Church's own playbook for their revenge. "That's cool. We have balloons too ..." they reflect, hatching a scheme to get back at their tourmate in a more public setting.

The Brothers wait until Church is onstage in front of a massive arena crowd before setting their plan in motion, using black and white balloons that bear their group's logo. Waiting until Church is performing one of his most important songs — the earnest "Springsteen" — they release the balloons from the back of the stage into the front rows, where fans quickly start batting them all over the place as Church is singing his song.

It's a fun end to a tour run that has seen the duo promoting their self-titled debut EP in some of the biggest venues in the country. Now that the Church tour has wrapped, they are preparing to head back out on the road as part of Darius Rucker's Southern Style tour, which kicks off May 14 in Holmdel, N.J.

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