With his new song 'Jesus, Elvis and Me,' Buddy Jewell shows a sense of humor fans of his radio hits thus far may not be familiar with. The cute lyric is fun for anyone, but those that enshrine this holy trinity as much as Jewell's better-half in the song will go gaga for this gut-buster.

A hard, charging guitar riff drives the song up to the first lyric. Jewell sings about his love's affinity for Elvis before turning to her praise for Jesus. "She's a certified WWJD fan / Got an autographed picture of Billy Graham / She loves to hear the preaching at a southern revival / She takes her custom-made, blue suede, King James Bible."

There are plenty of clever rhymes throughout the sock-hop-like country tune. The chorus gets better after each verse, and tops out at the end when Jewell offers an impersonation of the King's famous, growling laugh. "She loves Jesus, she loves Elvis and me / I'd have to say that's pretty good company / I don't mind the fact that I'm number three / She loves Jesus, she loves Elvis and me."

The third verse is better than the first two, but the song grows a little long by then. "She dresses like Priscilla every Halloween / And goes around quotin' John 3:16 / I'm OK with other men in her life / She loves me tender and that's all right mama." This isn't the song that will put Jewell back on top of the charts, but his dearest fans will love the winsome story.

Listen to Buddy Jewell, 'Jesus, Elvis and Me'