After months of anticipation, Burns and Poe’s self-titled debut album hit stores nationwide this week. The 13-track double-album on Blue Steel Records features a variety of tunes which Keith Burns and Michelle Poe worked hard to compile since the formation of the duo two years ago.

"Michelle and I had so many songs picked out for this album," Burns tells Taste of Country. "We probably had 20-something songs to pick from. We had so many songs, we thought let's just do a double album, and that's what we did. One CD is of songs we sing as [solo artists], and the other is duets that we sing. It worked out great. We've been getting a lot of great feedback and reviews about the new music. We are excited!"

The time spent in the studio was not the first attempt for either member, as Burns was one third of hot country trio Trick Pony, and Poe recorded a solo album on DreamWorks Records shortly before the label folded. With their prior studio experience under their belt, the debut album from Music Row magazine’s Independent Artist of the Year for 2010 was an effortless process.

“It's been relatively easy for us, creating the music,” Burns says. “Michelle and I both have our eyes and hearts focused in the same direction when it comes to songs we want to cut. We both love the same type of music and love to write that type of music, so it was just a matter of writing it and taking it into the studio. I don’t know about her, but I’m really happy with the album.”

For Poe, the process of recording in the studio with another artist had much of a benefit, as opposed to her first experience of doing it as a solo artist.

“It was definitely more comforting,” she says. “You don't have to sing the whole album by yourself ... you share the responsibilities and the fun times and tough times, too. It's obviously always easier when you can bounce ideas off each other and get the best broad cross stroke. So it's fun with someone else.”

In Burns’ situation, comparing this time in the studio to when he recorded with Trick Pony, two minds work better than three -- although the duo jokes that his opinion is Poe’s opinion, too. “Like I've always said, I wear the pants and she picks them out,” Burns jokes. “That's how it works!”

“We both have our strengths and weaknesses,” he says on a serious note. “What is good about Michelle and I is we know what our strengths and weaknesses are. I’m there when she is laying down her vocals, and she is there when I’m laying down my harmonies … to tell me what my parts are! But neither one of us is so close-minded. I mean, sometimes we can be a little stubborn -- like wanting to sing a certain part a particular way -- but for the most part, our minds are wide open to trying different things.”

While the album has just hit stores today, fans have already been treated to two singles from the hot new duo, ‘Don’t Get No Better Than That’ and ‘How Long Is Long Enough.’ Burns and Poe are now gearing up to release their next single, ‘Second Chance,’ to country radio this month. The song is one of the 12 tracks from the album which was co-written by the duo.

"The song is a conversation between me and Michelle," Burns explains. "It's a song about two exes going different ways. The listeners are listening in on this conversation. We swap lines back and forth."

"It's taken on a new meaning for me since my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia," Burns continues. "We shot some PSAs for St. Jude and children's cancer centers about giving these kids a 'second chance.' It really took on a new meaning for me."

The two will have plenty of time to get feedback on the new single, as well as the album’s other tracks, as they prepare to hit the road heavy this summer. “There are about 40 dates lined up so far,” says Poe. "We're shooting for 80 shows this year,” adds Burns. “We just want to work as long as we can. Sky is the limit this year, that's our motto.”

‘Second Chance’ hits radio on Monday, May 16. Look for the song’s video to impact CMT and GAC in the coming weeks. The debut album from Burns and Poe is available through the duo’s website here or at retail stores nationwide.

Watch the Burns and Poe ‘Don’t Get No Better Than That’ Video