“Burning House” singer Cam is known for her unique voice and her unique sense of style. The curly-haired newcomer always wears yellow, usually wears tight collars and never leaves the house without feeling good about who she is. ' She thanks her mama for that. Recently, she shared her secrets to being being Cam-era ready.

It’s said that one's sense of fashion represents a time in their life when they were happiest. Songs from Cam’s recently released Untamed album prove she’s she’s shared as many tears as she has smiles, and indeed she goes back a ways to pick her favorite years.

“For some reason I really enjoy things that remind me of when I was like five,” Cam tells Taste of Country in the above Cam-era Ready video. Viewers get a look as she prepares for a concert. Hair, makeup, outfits … it’s all planned in detail by the singer and her team, and it's all true to who she is today.

A love of collars is inspired by Cam's short love for Korean dramas and K-Pop style. Her love of yellow is difficult to sustain, she admits: "So there's a lot of online shopping just to try and pull it all together."

Adds the singer, "And I love having yellow on. It's my little sunshine that I get to bring everywhere."

Heavy makeup is a relatively new thing for Cam. Growing up in California she reveals she was a barefoot country girl and only once she started performing did she start applying makeup.

But what about that awesomely wild hair? “It’s really empowering to have curly hair,” Cam declares, smiling. “I think a lot of trends don’t have this going on.”

Indeed, she owns those curly locks, proving that nothing looks quite as good as confidence. Watch to learn how Cam’s mother inspired her when she was young, and to see footage of her performing “Burning House.” Cam’s Untamed album was released on Dec. 11.

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