Cam is now well-known as a prolific singer and songwriter, but who knew she was also a public speaker? The artist has officially signed on to give a TED Talk at the TEDx event at the University of Nevada in January 2017, something that thrills her as a fan of the TED presentations.

“I’ve been watching TED Talks for years,” Cam shares, “And, I’ve applied the shared ideas to my life countless times. It’s honestly some of the best content on the internet. People sharing new ideas through storytelling … it’s like college without the debt! I am so humbled and thrilled that I get to contribute to this beautiful resource."

Cam revealed the surprise to fans via Instagram, featuring a photo of herself hiding behind a book titled TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking. The caption shows her sheer excitement with an all-caps rhetorical question, “GUESS WHO’S GIVING A TED TALK???” adorned with several cheerful emojis.

TED Talks have become widely known for the intellectual discussion and educational presentations they provide at events and via videos online. Presenters are often experts on a particular subject or simply have a compelling story or piece to share. Cam has not yet revealed what she plans to speak about, but she will also perform at the conference.

The singer has been traveling with Dierks Bentley on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour this summer and also recently stopped by the Grand Ole Opry. There, she not only spent some time catching Pokemon backstage, but ended up having a bit of an awkward moment as her heel got stuck in the iconic Opry circle on stage. Cam is currently on the road with Eric Church, who she has dubbed one of her idols.

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