Cam is well known for her sunny disposition. In fact, it's rare that the "Burning House" singer is seen not wearing yellow. However, her wedding day will be the exception.

When the singer recently sat down with Taste of Country to discuss her new single and forthcoming debut album Untamed, we had to ask her if she'll be wearing yellow on her big day.

"No," she laughs. "It'll be somewhere. I like having it on me somewhere. I think to have a full yellow wedding dress ... you've become a character at that point. I'm still a person."

Cam said yes to boyfriend Adam Weaver in September. She and her fiancé are both from California, so she says they'll likely get married there. Though, with an album release scheduled for December, she'll be keeping busy and hinted that she might need to hire a wedding planner.

The album cover art for Untamed features Cam sitting on the ground sipping a lemon from a straw — an image she explains has multiple meanings.

"This last five years making this music, there's been a lot of lessons that I've learned. The overall lesson is you need to accept yourself and life as it is. Don't try to sugar it and sweeten it and water it down," she says. "If you can take things head on, you win. The whole album has a whole bunch of those lessons in it."

Cam's major label debut album Untamed will be released Dec. 11.

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