Carrie Underwood always seems so calm, cool and collected. But right before her very first fashion show for her fitness line, Calia by Carrie Underwood, during New York Fashion Week, she talked with E! News and dished on the awkward parts of being a superstar while still being a mom.

"You learn that awkwardness is part of being a mom," the "Smoke Break" singer admits when asked about breast pumping before sharing her recent experiences.

Underwood is the mother to the adorable 7-month-old Isaiah Fisher, and she's had to learn how to balance it all without letting the awkward moments get to her.

"I've literally turned my chair around into a corner over on like a side room [at a restaurant] and pumped there," she shares. "I pumped at a concert once, I was attending somebody else's concert. Awkwardness is a part of being a mom."

The 32-year-old country beauty also shared how she managed to get back in shape almost instantly after having a baby.

"I feel good. I work out if and when I can. I've tried to focus more on my eating and stuff like that, fueling up right," she says. "I don't get to work out as much as I used to, but that's OK. And I feel good and I feel healthy and I feel strong."

So exactly how does she manage to look so stunning? Running.

"I like to run. I found myself running more this summer than I ever have…it just seems to have worked better in my schedule," Underwood shares.

During the hectic pace of fashion week, baby Fisher had to stay back at the hotel away from his mama. So naturally, Underwood had to take a minute to send a shoutout his way.

"This morning he was watching us get ready, over there smiling on the couch," she says. "He's sweet. I'm not a morning person but he's just so happy in the morning, it makes it a little easier."

Underwood is getting ready to release her fifth studio album, Storyteller, which is due out Oct. 23.

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