Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley gave 'Extra!' a behind-the-scenes look at the video for Paisley's new Underwood assisted single, 'Remind Me.' The pair spoke about the romantic concept of the video, which was shot in the blazing hot desert on the scorched earth.

"We had to go very delicate, because obviously we're both separately married to other people," Underwood said. She acknowledged that she and her three-time (and soon to be four-time) CMAs co-host Paisley had to approach the filming from an artistic perspective, so that viewers could suspend disbelief. She admitted that "it would be weird with our friendship like being in this lovey, smushy, gushy story."

Paisley, of course, made a little joke about how the treatment was different when he pitched it to his friend and co-star originally. He also joked that he was never going to do a cliché video, and now, here it is! But the clip for 'Remind Me' is hardly a cliché, as Paisley and Underwood close the gap by walking towards one another in the desert.

It was super hot and Paisley lost his hat in the wind, so some lucky PA had to chase it down. Underwood, wearing a flowy frock, said, "My dress has been taking on a life of its own, attacking people in the wind, due to wind tornadoes, sand tornadoes. It's all for the sake of the video."

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage From the 'Remind Me' Video