Five of the most talented rising females in Nashville got together on a recent Monday night and paid tribute to one of the most important women in country music with a very special performance.

Kasey Tyndall, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Livy Jeanne and Tenille Arts made up the lineup for this particular Song Suffragettes performance. The Suffragettes gigs are a key part of the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement in Music City, comprising a rotating roster of five up-and-coming female singer-songwriters. They perform every Monday at the Listening Room in downtown Nashville, sharing their original songs and then getting together at the end for a group cover. This particular evening, they chose to cover Carrie Underwood's current hit, "Church Bells."

Shorr starts things off as she so often does, anchoring the song by strumming the chords on her acoustic guitar and delivering the first part of the first verse in a raspier voice than usual, giving it some additional character. Livy Jeanne takes over, lending her own powerful voice to the song before Stone takes over for a lead vocal turn in the spotlight.

Tenille Arts sings the first chorus, and Kasey Tyndall jumps in for the second verse, followed by Jeanne again before the ladies all join in for another powerful chorus to bring the song home. Shorr closes it gently, bringing the dynamics down to a dramatic hush. It's no small feat to cover a belter like Underwood, especially on a song this rangy and in an acoustic performance that gives a weaker singer no instrumental cover, but the Song Suffragettes deliver a consistently impressive performance that shows off each of their vocal strengths in turn.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement launched in Nashville in response to the unique challenges female singers and songwriters have been experiencing at every level of the country music business, and Taste of Country has been a longtime proud supporter. Look for a feature story each month, and a new group cover on a regular basis.

Watch the Song Suffragettes Cover Taylor Swift