How do you balance family and exercise? If you're Carrie Underwood, you combine the two. In a funny and cute video posted to Instagram, the "Heartbeat" singer is seen doing squats with 9-month-old Isaiah close to her chest.

"Sometimes we just have to make it work!" Underwood writes.

The country star is always in motion, even going as far as to pace back and forth while on the phone to keep her step-counter counting. Here, she's making the most of a limited window in her schedule. Watch as she holds Isaiah tightly while doing 15 seconds worth of squats. For most people, leg day is tough enough, but Underwood adds a wiggly baby. So that's how she gets those famous legs!

This isn't the first time she's brought Isaiah with her for a workout. Earlier this year she posted a pic to Instagram of her jogging and doing chin-ups with the baby nearby. As a sought-after singer, entertainer, awards show host, entrepreneur and actress, you need to combine interests to make it all work. It's a lesson every mother learns early on.

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