Carrie Underwood recently penned a column about her experiences with love and dating for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, tracing her first kiss (which she deemed "dangerous") all the way through to her marriage to hockey hubby Mike Fisher. She writes honestly and openly about how dating life became difficult after her big 'American Idol' win, too. It's the Reader's Digest version of Underwood's dating dossier.

On her first kiss:
Opposites attract, as the good girl liked the bad boy. Underwood writes: "My first kiss happened at 14. It was with a skater guy who had long hair and baggy jeans. He didn't live in my town, and I was attracted to him because he was different from the other boys at school. Funnily enough, I know him now and he's the opposite to how he was back then, but at that time he was as dangerous as I could get."

On why she had to wait until college to date:
Dating was nearly non-existent at her Oklahoma high school, due to the limited selection of potential boyfriends. So Underwood waited till she arrived at college, saying, "Mine was a really small school in a really small town, so it wasn't until college that I had a boyfriend."

On the first and only time she was dumped: Underwood reveals that her first relationship didn't last long and that while she was the one who was broken up with, it marked a one-time only occurrence in her love life. She reveals, "[It] was the first and last time I ever got dumped. It taught me a lot about myself, that I didn't like getting my heart broken and that sometimes people don't love you back. But that's OK, because my life would have worked out different if he had."

On why she pens songs about two-timing men:
Underwood may be super sweet, but that doesn't mean she won't get a little vengeful in her music. She sings songs about two-timing men because it's good for catharsis and aids in getting her anger out. See, even good girls get angry! "With songs like 'Before He Cheats' and 'Cowboy Casanova,' I sing about two-timing men and love gone wrong, as it's a fun way to get aggression out in songs. I love a good attitude song. I've had my share of love gone wrong and guys not treating me the way any woman should be treated, so I definitely sing from experience," she admits.

On post-'American Idol' dates:
Winning 'American Idol' may have been great for her career, but not so much when it came to her love life in the immediate aftermath of the big win! "Right after winning, I went out with a guy from back home. He was the sweetest guy and perfect in so many ways, but he couldn't handle what I did. He couldn't deal with me being away so much and that I made the money, and so after a few months I had to end it," Underwood recalls.

On her husband, Mike Fisher:
Underwood still gushes like a schoolgirl (or a college girl, if you go by her dating spectrum) about the man who won her hand in marriage, calling him "a warm, caring person and has a wonderful faith in people that I sometimes lack. He's a gorgeous heart wrapped in a gorgeous man." Aw!

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