Carrie Underwood has been enjoying the housewife life since marrying hockey player Mike Fisher last summer -- and hey, she’s earned the right to some time off and to indulge in life's simpler things. However, Underwood, who has to deal with her husband traveling for away games throughout the US and Canada, put aside the chores that come with the territory of owning a brand-new home in Canada in order to attend Sunday’s Golden Globes in Hollywood. The singer was up for Best Song for 'There's a Place For Us' from 'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.'

"It is hard being a hockey wife," the singer tells PEOPLE. "They will go off for a few days at a time to play some road games, and I am just like sitting at home twiddling my thumbs thinking, 'What do I do?'"

Underwood fills the downtime with some good old-fashioned chores. "I cleaned, and we are moving into a new house, and so I was unpacking all of his stuff," she says. "And laundry and dishes."

Unpacking, settling in and  filling hours aren’t the only things Underwood has had to do while her hubby is away scoring goals. She attended the Globes with her manager and a mirror given to her by her mother as a good luck charm in lieu of Fisher, who was beckoned by duty in the rink. But she’s totally OK with that, due to the couple’s closeness -- and there will be times when she has to go on tour while he’s enjoying his off-season.

"Even though he's not here with me tonight, I know he's watching," she admits. "And just to have somebody that I know is 1,000 percent cheering me on, it's really nice to have that kind of support."

While Underwood didn’t win a Golden Globe, she knows she always has her hockey player in her corner.