It was a big week for Carrie Underwood, and all she did was get a hair cut. The blonde country superstar showed off a new 'do last weekend, and it quickly became one of the hottest stories in country music. She also displayed a new dress that fans either loved or hated. No new music from Mrs. Mike Fisher yet, but if the one-time 'American Idol' winner needs a little press she now knows to just head to the beauty salon.

Scotty McCreery is becoming a permanent member of the Hottest Posts club. With his debut in stores next week, he'll soon be everywhere, but nobody knew he'd pop up at last weekend's Brad Paisley show. While there he sang 'Alcohol' and said "yes" to a one of a kind invite from the country superstar. Catch up on these and all the top stories you might have missed in this week's Top 10 Hottest Posts.

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    Jake Owen's Stage Hijacked by Pint-Sized Fan

    This is just so stinkin' cute. A young boy finds his way onto Jake Owen's stage and arguably steals the show. During the entire three minute song, he rocks out like he's being paid to be there. We'd like to know how a kid that young learns to break dance?

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    Jewel Tweets About Life as a New Mom

    There's a bunch of cuteness near the top of the list of week's hottest stories. Jewel tenuously works through life as a new mother, and this week tweeted about her first trip away from home without little Kase. It was just a trip to the dentist and back, but as new mommies know, any time away from the new baby can excruciating.

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    Scotty McCreery to Tour With Brad Paisley in 2012

    Scotty McCreery just showed up at Brad Paisley's concert on Sunday night and walked away with a job for 2012. Sure, we don't know the finer details of how he got the invite to open up Paisley's tour next year. Maybe the superstar was just impressed with how McCreery belted out the lyrics to 'Alcohol.' Thanks to McCreery for breaking this news on Twitter.

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    Scotty McCreery Joins Brad Pailey Onstage (But Avoids the Prank Wars) During Tour Finale

    This is how the McCreery tour invite took place. After an afternoon of pranking, the 17-year-old showed up and hung around backstage with Paisley. He avoided the mischief that the superstar had planned for Blake Shelton, and the trick Sunny Sweeney played on her tour boss.

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    Is Scotty McCreery Dating Thia Megia?

    Nothing like a spicy McCreery love rumor to begin a work week. Now that we're all convinced that he's not dating Lauren Alaina, the gossip mills have turned to Thia Megia. What name combination would these two love-birds be tagged with? McGia? MeGreery? It looks like there's little truth to the story, for now.

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    10 Saddest Love Songs

    Classic country artists like Hank Williams and George Jones stand out on our list of 10 sad country love songs. More contemporary artists like Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley also crack the Top 10. Readers had plenty of opinions on what should be the top song; over 100 people commented on the list, some agreeing and many not agreeing with our pick for the saddest love song of all time.

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    Randy Travis Collapses Onstage During Concert in Texas

    A frightening moment for Randy Travis turned out to be nothing more than a combination of caffeine, allergy medication and hot stage lights. It was more than enough to give his fans at the show (and online) a scare. Travis didn't have to go to an Ft. Worth, Texas area hospital and after some rest, he should be fine.

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    Carrie Underwood Steps Out in Beaded Mini Dress at Benefit Concert

    Plenty of Carrie Underwood fashion news this week. She appeared at a benefit with Tony Bennett and at the iHeartRadio Music Festival showing off new looks. This new dress got mixed reviews. Some can argue she looks a little dowdy from the waist up, but she doesn't miss a chance to show off her famous gams. The hairstyle got better reviews.

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    Makenna and Brock Duet to Zac Brown Band's 'Colder Weather' on 'X Factor'

    'X Factor' didn't feature much country talent, but on Wednesday night viewers met Makenna and Brock. They performed the Zac Brown Band's 'Colder Weather' flawlessly; even Simon Cowell couldn't help but heap praise on the two blondes. It remains to be seen if the duo, or any other contestants, will be loyal to country music like Scotty McCreery was on 'Idol.' We've got our fingers crossed.

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    Carrie Underwood Shows Off New Hair

    Not since Jennifer Aniston debuted the "Rachel" on 'Friends' have people talked about a new hairstyle so much. Carrie Underwood cut off some of her long locks, leaving bangs to frame her beautiful face. No one has been able to ask the singer the most important question, however: Does husband Mike Fisher like it?