Carrie Underwood is positively glowing on the cover of the new issue of Us Weekly, because as she spills inside, she's over the moon to finally be living in the same house as her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher.

Underwood and Fisher were wed almost a year ago -- in July of 2010 -- but it wasn't until February of this year that they could call the same place home. Fisher, who is an 11-year veteran of the Ottawa Senators hockey team, was traded to the Nashville Predators a few months ago, meaning the newlyweds could finally live in bliss.

"It was like, he’s coming to live with me! I can go to work, he can go to work, and we can both come home, and we’ll be together," the 'Idol'-winner-turned-country-sensation gushes to Us Weekly.

But even though they are elated to be in each other's company, cohabitation has been a bit of an adjustment -- and even the smiley singer can admit it's not always roses and butterflies. "Just learning how to live together has been fun and frustrating and everything in between," she says.

Underwood even joked to Ellen DeGeneres a few days ago that she has a hard time giving up her closet space. "He brought all his crap with him," she says lightly. "He’s like, ‘Babe, I need more space in the closet,’ and my heart just sinks." She adds, "I know he would say I’m too controlling and I nag at him to get his stuff put up."

With this newfound closeness, many might suspect that kids are in the near future, but Underwood says not yet: "We haven’t even been married a year. We have plenty of time!" For now, the couple's pair of little rat terriers are their kiddos. She continues, "We have dogs and are very content with that now!"

Carrie Underwood's cover issue of Us Weekly is on newsstands now.