Carrie Underwood closed out the year with a bang: She earned two more No. 1 country singles, performed her Play On Tour in front of one million fans and tied the knot with Ottawa Senators' centerman Mike Fisher. So what's next? Well, definitely not kids.

"Kids are nowhere near our immediate future," Underwood admits on WYCD's Edwards and Lee radio show. "By the time we have kids he'll [Fisher] probably be retired [from hockey] or be close to it."

Still, Underwood is ecstatic about her new addition to the family, news she seems to be sharing with several other stations. "Her name is Penny Jean. I'm going to call her PJ," she says of the puppy. "She's a mutt, she's a dioxin mix, and we just opened the shelter I built in my hometown, the animal shelter. I went to see it; she was there, they just brought her in the day before, and I just feel in love. "

"She was marked mine from that moment on. I think I'm still getting Mike used to the idea. I don't really know if he wants to be a two-dog family yet, but … too bad," she kids.

Underwood is possibly on the brink of earning her first Golden Globe come February with a nomination for her penmanship in the 'Chronicles of Narnia' theme song ‘There’s a Place for Us.’ But her favorite written song is another one. "'Temporary Home' is probably my favorite song as a writer. I've been very lucky to have six No. 1's as a writer, so that's really very thrilling," she tells WYCD about the track that recently earned her a Best Female Country Vocal Performance Grammy nomination. "That one's got a definite positive message -- it was kind of inspired by my husband. And it's one of my favorite moments on stage, when I'm 100 percent happy on stage, and it just feels good."

The singer will be taking a break from performing until May, but has the Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards to look forward to next month. Go to WYCD to hear Carrie Underwood's entire interview.