Carrie Underwood shares one of two bonus tracks from the deluxe edition of Storyteller in a video released to fans on Thursday (Oct. 22). “Little Girl, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast” is a mid-tempo, feel-good country cut that hurts just a little bit at the end.

The song serves as a reminder to her longtime fans, as well as advice to their kids, or her youngest fans. Underwood relies on personal experience to deliver the song’s message. “I really would go back, if I could, and tell myself to slow down a little bit,” Underwood says. “Hopefully this song will be a reminder to just take it all in.”

“Little girl, little girl, don’t grow up too fast / Before you know it, you’ll be wishin’ you could just go back / Don’t you know, there’ll be plenty of time for that / Somewhere down the road?” Underwood sings in the song’s chorus. “Yeah, it’s all goin’ by in the blink of an eye / You can’t slow down this thing called life / So take your time and let it last / Little girl, don’t grow up too fast.”

A stripped-down version of “Heartbeat” is the other bonus track included on the deluxe edition of Storyteller, which is only available at Target. Both versions (standard and deluxe) are available as of Friday (Oct. 23). Underwood says she purposely stretched her sound on this album, her fifth since winning American Idol in 2005. Producer Jay Joyce was brought in to push her creatively and to ensure she wouldn’t be pigeonholed.

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