As Taste of Country reported last week, Carrie Underwood's rental car was broken into on a recent trip to Montreal with her husband, Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher. Underwood was so flustered by the crime that she had said that she was permanently turned off to the city.

Earlier today, Underwood was interviewed on the morning show at WIRK, South Florida's premier country station. Underwood was questioned about some recent headlines, including the car mishap in Montreal. In the interview, the country singer elaborates on the story and even has a culprit in mind.

Underwood starts off by explaining how glad she was that the car didn't actually belong to her and Fisher. "I guess thank goodness it was just a rental car, but sorry Hertz," she jokes. "This nice little old man was helping us kind of find a place to eat, he just saw us on the street looking confused," she says.

"He got us to walk down a ways to go in this restaurant, and we’re pretty sure he’s the one that broke into our car," Underwood continues. "Like I said, it’s obvious we weren’t from there, he just saw us get out of our car. He’s like, 'Oh, go down there!' and we said, 'Should we drive?' and he was like, 'No, no, no. You walk!'"

We'd say that sounds like a pretty fair assumption, as well! WIRK DJ Jeff Elliot ends the interview on a funny note by saying, "Clearly a Canadiens fan," meaning that the old man was a fan of a rival hockey team. Underwood was able to laugh off the incident, answering, "Yeah he recognized Mike, and was like 'I’ll show him.'"