This morning, Carrie Underwood phoned in to chat with our friends at Buffalo's No. 1 country station, WYRK. In the interview, Breakfast Club DJs Clay and Dale ask when Underwood first started writing her own songs. "I wrote my first song for my first album, and they were really nice to give me credit on that one, because I really didn’t do that much," Underwood says.

"I was sitting in my room thinking, 'I don’t know what to say.' You have to get over that feeling of feeling stupid for things you’re gonna throw out there. Now, I say stupid stuff all the time and it’s OK," Underwood continues. "I didn’t grow up writing because I never thought I’d be using it. So I never really tried, but it’s definitely something I enjoy."

Clay and Dale also ask Underwood about the success of her song 'Mama's Song,' which she co-wrote for her album 'Play On.' The lyrics are centered around the difficulties a mother faces after their child gets married. Both Carole Underwood, Carrie Underwood's mother, and Underwood's hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, appear in the 'Mama's Song' video.

The country singer speaks of her excitement concerning the positive reactions that her fans have had to 'Mama's Song.' "It’s wonderful," Underwood explains. "I’m lucky enough to have had some pretty good songs from my own brain and heart. But, like, 'Undo It' doesn’t really compare with something like 'Mama’s Song.' So it’s kinda like you put out the fun songs, but then when you have one that means a lot to you, you want it do well and you want people to respond favorably to it."

In recent news, Underwood has received her eighth Grammy nomination for the song 'Temporary Home.' She has also been nominated for a Golden Globe in the category 'Best Original Song for a Movie' for 'There's a Place for Us,' which is the theme song to the newest 'Chronicles of Narnia' film. To listen to Carrie Underwood's full interview with Clay and Dale on WYRK, click here.