Carrie Underwood will make her big screen debut April 8 when the movie ‘Soul Surfer’ hits theaters nationwide. And to keep us easily anticipated for her onscreen appearance, a teaser trailer has hit the Web.

As previously reported, ‘Soul Surfer’ tells the story of champion teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm due to a shark attack in 2003 when she was just 13. The film will be based off Hamilton’s 2006 autobiography.

27-year-old Underwood plays Sarah Hill, a close friend of the surfer and youth counselor at Hamilton's church. It's her friendship and support that encourages Hamilton to come back to surfing. Hamilton got back on the pro surfing circuit just months after losing her arm. "Sarah has been my best friend since I was very young," Hamilton tells PEOPLE. "After my shark attack, she always knew what to say to push me on."

Shot about a year ago on Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore, the movie stars Anna Sophia Robb as Hamilton, Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as her parents, and Lorraine Nicholson – Jack Nicholson's 21-year old daughter -- as one of Hamilton's good friends.

Prior to the film opening, free screenings will occur across the country at selective churches in order to create buzz and spread the movie's inspirational message.

Underwood is taking a break from touring at the moment, but has plans to perform again starting on May 1 at the Indio, Calif. Stagecoach Festival.

Watch Carrie Underwood in 'Soul Surfer' Teaser Trailer