Carrie Underwood is not one to disappoint her fans -- especially when they're speaking loud and clear! The stunning starlet performed one of her most requested songs at the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year, and now the clip of 'Wine After Whiskey' is available for all the world to see.

Underwood released 'Greatest Hits: Decade #1' on Dec. 9, and as album sales fly through the roof, earning her a fifth consecutive No. 1 debut, the Grand Ole Opry wanted to join in the celebration. That's why they've finally released a long-anticipated video of Underwood performing her 2012 hit 'Wine After Whiskey' during an appearance at the famed live show and radio broadcast earlier this year. And as it turns out, it just so happens to be a tune that Underwood gets asked to sing ... a lot.

"So this next one we're gonna do is actually a fan favorite," says the star, sporting a beautiful blue mini-dress, pre-baby bump. "Anytime there's any kind of requesting that can go on from people -- members of the fan club or anything like that -- they always request this song, number one. So we thought we'd oblige. A few of you out there know exactly what it is."

The clip was posted by the Grand Ole Opry to commemorate Underwood's decade-long (and counting!) career. And they even had a bit of fun with it on Twitter, urging fans to retweet their post in order to "unlock" the special performance.

Well, the fans came through -- and then some. At most recent count, the post had more than double what the Opry requested! With a dedicated fanbase like this, the next decade may just prove to be even better for Underwood than the last!

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