Among the cavalcade of celebrities who turned up at the first Annual American Country Awards, none raised more eyebrows than comedian, workout enthusiast, possible plastic surgery addict Carrot Top.

The ginger-haired prop comedian headlines his own nightly show in Las Vegas, which logically justifies, we guess, why he might have been in Sin City. (This applies also applies to Criss Angel as well.)

And yet, still with his fair warning to the World, his ACA appearance led the Twittersphere in awe and disbelief. Check out some we've collected:

  • Ill hand the American Country Awards these things, appearances by Criss Angel n Carrot Top n the humor, like the TSA and Wikileaks jokes. (@JennDTStevens)
  • "Oh it's carrot head." - Mom "No... it's carrot top..." - Me <3 (@xodmb)
  • God Carrot Top With A Cowboy Hat Is Like Me In a Mankini Should Not Happen ! #aca (@B93sBobbybare)
  • @iheartcarrie: I've got one question for you: Were you close to Carrot Top and is he as scary in real life as on tv? Ok that's 2 questions. (@sboch12)