Casey James' "Fall Apart" video is a whole lotta sexy. In the clip — which is a visual for the debut single from his forthcoming sophomore album — he's falling apart over an old flame.

And he looks good doing it. James dons a lot of denim and a very hip man bun, fingering a pocket watch inscribed with the date May 25. It appears he's reminiscing about a lost love, trying to move on. He's emotional as he looks into the distance before loading up his van with his band members.

The band hits the road, but James is still lost in his thoughts, and the shot cuts away to the American Idol country singer rockin' out on his guitar.

"Since you broke my heart / every time I run into you, I fall apart / Oh, I fall apart," James sings into the hanging microphone. He makes the words — written by Will Bowen, Josh Carter and Zach Carter — sound especially soulful and beautiful.

Meanwhile, the band is still driving down the road while James is letting go of things that remind him of his ex. A jar full of seashells and an acoustic guitar are among those that meet the pavement, and after they're shattered, he high-fives his bandmates, mending his heart item by item.

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