Former 'American Idol' hopeful Casey James has forged a successful career as a country artist, but he will forever be recognized for his mane of curly blonde hair. He spoke to WYCD about how he maintains his locks, saying, "It's a little bit of grime, little bit of dirt. I turn on a cold shower, get it wet, squeeze it dry and am done for the day." He tries to avoid shampoo as much as possible and goes as long he can in between follicular cleansings, since when he washes it, "it looks ridiculous."

Hair cleanliness is not next to country-ness for James, who turned serious for a second during the interview when speaking about his motorcycle accident. He ceased riding after the accident, when someone turned into him while he was riding. While he won't attempt to get behind the handlebars on the open road, James is open to riding in a much more controlled environment, like a track.

"I would ride on a track," James said. "I would buy a bike, go on a track, lay it down and if I slide, it'd be my own fault if something happens."

James recently wrapped a stint on the road with Sugarland and is gearing up to release his debut album this year.