Seventy thousand people had their eyes on Cassadee Pope when she walked out at the Special Olympics in an all-white outfit to sing "I Am Invincible." The special venue was the perfect place to debut her new single, which is already garnering positive attention from her fans.

"I Am Invincible" is an empowerment song that instantly affected Pope, who was picking music for her new album when she first heard it. She immediately knew she could use the track to help others in a positive way, while also being re-accepted into country music.

“The song right away just hit me in the chest, and when a song does that you really can’t ignore it," she explains to Taste of Country. “I felt very empowered. I felt very inspired to not let the odds defeat me. I just also felt like it was one of those songs that I could really do so much with. I could really align myself with charities and really help the fans get through whatever they’re going through. I could use the song to become closer to the causes that are really close to my heart.”

"I wanted my next entryway ... back into country music to be a big one and I think this song does that.”

She strutted through that entryway back into the genre at the 2015 Special Olympics, where she performed the song for the first time in front of a massive audience!

“The timing was impeccable," Pope says of the event. "My manager and I really took the reins on it, she’s just incredible. She closed the deal and everything. We just felt like if we want what’s best of the song, we’ll premiere it in a place that makes the most sense ... It’s something I really wanted to do just in general because it’s such an inspiring thing, it’s such an inspiring event."

"I was honored to meet some of the athletes and to be able to stand on that stage and tell them basically, ‘You can do anything you set your mind to.’ They also kind of put life in perspective for me, because they’re the epitome of defying the odds. It was something I wanted to do regardless, but the song really helped elevate the experience.”

The song right away just hit me in the chest, and when a song does that you really can’t ignore it.

The experience wouldn't have been complete without the perfect stage ensemble. Pope channeled her inner heroine in an all-white outfit by Gustavo Cadile and shoes by Lust for Life, and she was breathtaking. Also breathtaking that night: Pope's vocals. The combination of her talent and the song's message help audiences universally connect with it. Many fans have even sent her personal stories about what it's meant to them.

“There was one specific story that was really inspiring to me, because it was about a girl who was in an abusive relationship and she decided to just leave. She was brave enough to realize that she can have a better life without this person. She said the song helped her, which I thought was just the craziest story. The power of music is not more real than that. So I was very, very touched.”

Pope is now giving back to her fans by asking them to be in her lyric video for the song. All you need to do is take a photo holding a sign with your favorite lyrics from the song. The video will truly be a fan one, but she's also shooting an official video. Pope says she's being extra picky since it's such an important one.

“We’re being very, very choosy about which treatment we go with," she says of what directors have sent in. "We were ending up having to write most of it ourselves and having a director who’s game, I guess, to jump on board. It’s just such an important song, we don’t want to rush the process. I think we’re really on to something special with the video.”

When she's not writing for her "I Am Invincible" music video, she's prepping her next album, which she hopes will drop in early 2016.

“I have a ton of songs that I have to sift through and pick from. I have enough songs for three albums I think,” Pope says with a laugh. “It’s just about which songs tell my story the best. I just really want people to see how much I’ve grown over the past two years. Hopefully they don’t have to wait longer than that, but you never know."

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