Cassadee Pope is grateful for receiving letters from her fans on a daily basis. The singer says if she had to write a fan letter to any celebrity, she'd pick Shania Twain, who she says has been a constant inspiration over the years.

"She’s always taught me to be self-sufficient and independent and confident, and she always walked that line of classy and sexy and relatable so well," Pope says. "I would love to tell her how much she’s inspired me over the years, how much I’ve related to her lyrics and just to tell her how brave she is. I hope she keeps doin’ what she’s doin’."

Pope and Chris Young’s latest single, “Think of You,” is at No. 19 on this week's Mediabase chart. The duet partners are also on the road together as part of Young's I'm Comin' Over Tour.

Pope recently found herself off the road and on a plane with Young, performing 35,000 feet in the air as part of a major milestone for Southwest Airlines. The airline has spent 30 years flying into Nashville International Airport, and a media day turned into a concert in the sky with a performance by Young and Pope.

Standing near the cockpit, the two singers held microphones and sang “Think of You” as passengers looked on and snapped photos and took videos on their phones. Despite the unusual venue, Young and Pope impressed, trading verses and harmonizing on the chorus.

Why Chris Young Picked Cassadee for "Think of You"