Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley is slowly getting used to life as a solo artist. During the CMA radio remotes in Nashville, he told Taste of Country about hearing his new single "The Driver" for the first time on the radio and explained what fans can expect from his upcoming tour.

"The whole reason I've been doing this project is to feel some of those firsts again," he says. "Lady A has had such an amazing ride, and when we were talking about taking a break it was the perfect time for me to put out some music that I've been making and show a different side of myself."

Kelley says it is fun for him to go back to the beginning and have to fight for everyone's attention again.

"The music is a different sound than what Lady A is doing, so it was fun for me to show a different side of myself musically," he explains. "Hopefully I'll be able to balance both projects."

With a new solo career, Kelley has joined Instagram and Twitter, and he says seeing the number of fans embracing him is "very humbling."

"To have to keep up with all those things so much is so funny," he admits. "With Lady A we were able to tag team it. I feel like every day I have to do something interesting and exciting on Twitter and Instagram. It's been fun."

He adds that he tries to keep his posts about the music, and while he realizes people may be questioning his solo career, he says when they hear the album they'll understand what the music is about. He is slightly nervous about his solo tour, though — mainly doing it alone and not having his bandmates beside him.

"There will be something really fun about it, too. That's how I started — playing in a cover band and going into clubs and having a really off the cuff show," he recalls. "That's what will be most exciting about it; there won't be a strict set list. It will be very much just feel the crowd out and have fun, and play them songs they don't know and waiting for their reaction. I'll play some Lady A stuff, of course, and some covers and new stuff."

Kelley's The Driver Tour kicks off Nov. 28 in Ohio.

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