Today marks Charley Pride's 73rd birthday, but the country legend -- best known for his million-selling 1971 hit 'Kiss an Angel Good Morning,' -- clearly has no intention of slowing down any time soon. He just released a brand-new album, 'Choices' (featuring the single 'Except for You'), and still performs in concert all over the country.

Pride started out as a pro baseball player, not a musician, in the late '50s. He spent his non-game time joining various bands on stage across the country. Eventually, this self-taught singer and guitar player landed a manager, a producer and a record deal with RCA. To date, with 70 million albums sold and 36 No. 1 country singles, he has sold more records for the label than anybody except Elvis Presley.

In 1993, he became a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and in 200o he was enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Still, he's not content to rest on his laurels. 'Choices,' his first album since 2006's gospel collection 'Pride and Joy,' features songs written by some of his favorite songwriters, including Ben Peters, who wrote the aforementioned 'Angel.'

Baseball remains a passion for Charley Pride. Last year he became a part-owner of the defending American League baseball champs, the Texas Rangers. He reportedly works out with the team every spring, and makes his home in nearby Dallas, Texas.

Watch Charley Pride Sing 'Kiss an Angel Good Morning'