Charley Pride is back to change the face of country music yet again. His new single, 'Except for You' -- from the upcoming album, 'Choices' -- is the first single to be released by the 72-year-old singer since 1990.

Pride gets straight to the point with 'Except for You,' a love song that expresses that without that special person in his life, nothing would be possible. Though the song is relatively simple compared to most country music singles today, that's part of its charm -- this old dog doesn't need bells and whistles to make a big hit.

In the song, Pride makes it clear to the one he loves that that he only has eyes on them when he says, "This old heart won't beat, except for you." The Grammy Award winner shares a sentiment that is understood across continents, through the honest and heartfelt lyrics of Ben Peters:

"One by one / You mended all the pieces / Of a heart / That someone broke in two / You fill my life / With happiness and sunshine / That I never would have known / Except for you."

'Except for You' is a track on Pride's upcoming album, 'Choices,' which impacts March 8.

Listen to Charley Pride's 'Except for You'