'Could It Be' singer Charlie Worsham visited the Taste of Country Nights radio team recently and opened himself up to questions from listeners across the nation. Host Jeremy Robinson got him to reveal everything from his unusual sleeping preference to which pop star he'd most like to kiss. Be sure to check out his awesome Hall & Oates cover, too.

ToC Nights: Kate from WYRK in Buffalo wants to know, what's your favorite junk food?

Charlie Worsham: Peanut M&Ms.

Jake from KNUE in Tyler, Texas wants to know, how late do you sleep in every day?

I'll tell you a little story, this Sunday was my designated sleep-in day. And my roommate is Steve Sinatra … he plays in Hunter Hayes's band. Steve I guess had a session that day, so he got up early. I had stayed up until about 5AM, building some tracks at the house, you know. Sunday morning comes and I'm all snug in my bed. Boom! Pow! Drum practice, man.

I can sleep in 'til three in the afternoon. These days, I tend to get up anywhere between six and nine.

Sara from KEZJ in Twin Falls, Idaho says fill in the blank: 'I would absolutely freak out if ____ walked up and kissed me.'

Oh man, that's great. [thinks] Katy Perry, or Elvis Presley. I'd be pretty shocked, it's like "Dude, where have you been?"

Pam from WBKR (Owensboro, Ky.) asks, what is your New Year's resolution and have you already failed?

I resolved to start journaling every day, and so far I've been journaling every day and it's been great. Because so much is happening right now, that I know I'm not going to remember some of my favorite moments.

Heather from WPUR (Atlantic City, N.J.) asks, do you have any weird nightly rituals before bed?

I don't have any weird night rituals. I definitely am a ritualistic person … I like to go downstairs and remind my roommate-drummer not to practice early the next morning, so I can sleep in.

And this is Jeremy's question: Do you have to sleep with an extra pillow or a body pillow?

Yes! I build an entire fort out of pillows. I need at least four pillows. I need on each side, I need one normal usage pillow for the back of my head, and I need another pillow just in case.

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