'Survivor' finalist and country singer Chase Rice is back with the follow-up to his hit single 'Buzz Back,' a six-track EP entitled 'Country as Me.' Taste of Country talked to Rice about some of his favorite songs from the new record, which reveal a more serious, introspective side to his songwriting.

Of course, by now we all know about 'Buzz Back,' a catchy ode to re-starting last night's party as soon as possible the next day. Good times and fast women do play a part on other songs, and 'Beats a Million Bucks' deals with his adventures on 'Survivor.' However, other songs show Rice also has thoughts about brave American soldiers, and the lessons that get passed on between fathers and sons.

'Country as Me'
"That's gonna be the title track," Rice tells Taste of Country. "That's just a rocking song about a girl, she's a country girl, a hot little number. In fact, you come to find out, she's just as country as me, and the lyrics describe why."

'My Old Man'
"That's an interesting song because it's about all the things that you are, but you are because you've got a lot of your old man in you. The reason I think it's such a well-written song, that it's so interesting to me, is because the three writers on it -- me and my friends Jesse and Brian -- have dealt with this," Rice says. "Jesse lost his dad, I lost my dad. Brian, his dad actually had heart problems last year, he flatlined and they had to bring him back to life, so luckily he's still around -- but all three of us have had issues with our fathers, and it's going to touch a lot of people, we hope."

'Die Tryin''
"I respect, absolutely, more than anyone in this world, the American soldiers who do what they do. We tried to shy away from writing a soldier's song, 'cause it's done a lot, and maybe the people who do it just to get attention. But we started writing it, and we thought, wow we can't step back from this, it's so well done," Rice reveals. "That's what every soldier has on their mind: We're gonna get this job done, even if it takes our lives to do it."

You can pick up the 'Country as Me' EP right now via iTunes, and read more about 'Buzz Back,' Chase's experiences on 'Survivor,' and his life as a Pit Crew member and college linebacker right here.  We also got him to run down his Top 10 Garth Brooks songs; in fact, he couldn't cut his list down past eleven.