Chase Rice's newest single, "Everybody We Know Does," is a blue-collar country anthem that's reminiscent of his life before music. Rice stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio and opened up about how he went to his farm to get away, but ultimately ended up reconnecting with his music.

Before Rice found his spot in country music, he was working hard in the NASCAR industry. When he listens to his newest single, he remembers those days that the song details. This is his first time acknowledging those years, and he says his farm helped him to remember.

“That was my life," he explains. "I worked in NASCAR before I did this and that’s something I haven’t tapped into yet. I started thinking about it and I was like, ‘Why? Let’s get real for a second and let’s talk about what I did — my way of life before I did music.’ I would say the farm that I have really, really opened that up. It opened my mind up. I go out there to get away, but in a way it brought the music back to who I was as a kid and who I am even still today.”

Rice has more new music coming out, but he hasn't decided on an album title yet. He did give us a little hint about one of the songs that he's really excited about, and it's a cover.

“It’s by one of my favorite artists of all time. I brought in other people involved. I’m not going to say who it is yet but I brought in other people, many other people, to make sure we didn’t screw this thing up. All I’m going to say is it’s a Chris LeDoux song."

That's enough of a hint to get us even more excited about Rice's forthcoming music, but for now, you can buy the single, "Everybody We Know Does," on iTunes.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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