As 'Survivor' finalist and 'Buzz Back' singer Chase Rice revealed during our exclusive interview with him last month (seen here and here), he's a huge fan of country legend Garth Brooks. So, we asked him to talk a bit about his Top 10 Garth Brooks songs.  As you'll see, Chase had plenty to say about each song -- in fact, he was unable to limit himself to just 10 songs.

"Now, I know this is just a Top 10, but who could really ever pick a Top 10 for Garth? Plus, my high school football coach always said, 'On a scale of one to 10, be an 11,'" Rice says before getting into his list.

11. 'Good Ride Cowboy':
There's one simple reason: Chris LeDoux. It's who the song is about. Chris stuck with what he loved to sing and write about -- cowboys and the things cowboys do. He didn't listen to everyone else when they said nobody wants to hear about that. He did what he loved and I respect Chris LeDoux more than any other artist because of that. So as Garth would say, "God Bless Chris LeDoux." Well Garth, God bless you, too.

10. 'Learning to Live Again':
This song paints such a vivid picture. When anyone goes through heartbreak it's such a sickening feeling. You don't want to get out of bed or do anything, really. Maybe all it takes is a couple of friends to pick you up and get your feelin'-sorry-for-yourself butt out of the house to get you to learn to live again. Debbie and Charlie were two pretty dang good friends.

9. 'More Than a Memory':
When Lee Brice writes a song, I listen very closely. When he and his co-writers wrote this, I thought it was amazing. Then I heard this guy named Garth sing it. I had one thought: "Wow!" And that's the Garth factor.

8. 'Unanswered Prayers':
I have had so many things in my life that made me look to God and say, "What are you doing?!?!" Well, every single time I find myself questioning Him like that, a little while later I hear God say (with a smile on his face and laughing at me), "I told ya som ya dummy. Just trust me!" Listen to the song. It explains that all very well.

7. 'Papa Loved Mama':
When this song starts at a live showm Garth starts stompin' his boots along with the 20,000 people at the show. Gotta be a hell of a song to get that reaction!

6. 'She's Every Woman':
Just an overall awesome song. Explains a woman perfectly: "She's sun and rain / Fire and ice / A little crazy but it's nice."  I think women confuse themselves just as much as they confuse us men, but damn it, we love 'em anyways!

5. 'Thunder Rolls':
If you have seen him live, you know as soon as the thunder plays the arena erupts. It's not the sound of thunder that does that to the crowd -- it's the song that follows. Live, the third verse is also enough to make you lose your voice from yelling along at the top of your lungs.

4. 'Rodeo':
This song makes me want to fight a rhino. I used to listen to it before football games at Carolina, which doesn't make sense 'cause it's about cowboys and rodeo, but man it amped me up! Plus he opened with it in his Nashville flood relief shows. Gave me goosebumps seeing that black hat being the first thing to rise up on to the stage looking down. That's just Garth for ya.

3. 'Every Now and Then':
This song is amazing. It shows that no matter how far along in a relationship you are, you can still be affected by someone who you loved from your past. It's a great melody and just shows perfectly how when love was there at some point, even though that person may no longer be a part of your life, they still affected you. I certainly have a particular girl in mind. I'm sure everyone has someone they will never forget from there past. As far as my particular girl, she knows who she is -- and I will always be there for her.

2. 'Friends in Low Places' (Live):
Live version. Enough said!

1. 'The Dance':
'The Dance' to me is the best country song in the history of country music -- and this is a bold statement, but also the best song of all time. Having lost my dad, it is the only song I have ever heard that doesn't make me think of why my dad is gone, but rather what a hell of a time I had with him while he was here, and that is powerful for a song to bring that out in someone. There is not any other song to me that is more touching than 'The Dance,' and it was sang by the best, being Garth. Putting the two together and that equals greatness. I sang it at my grandpa's funeral, and I would have sang it at my dad's ... if I could have only gotten through it.