Chase Rice’s ‘Ignite the Night’ album serves up more of what fans love from the hit single ‘Ready Set Roll’ before offering some very satisfying, pensive ballads. The singer shows emotional depth, but not so much to distract fans from the unapologetic rock and R&B influenced showstoppers that make his live show an event to catch in 2014.

Lyrics from songs like ‘Beach Town,’ ‘MMM Girl,’ ‘U Turn’ and ’50 Shades of Crazy’ best describe ‘Ignite the Night,’ an album drenched in rhythm and sexuality.

Your tan lines were the map for my hands to find their way,” Rice sings on ‘Beach Town,’ a soft ballad about a relaxing date on Carolina Beach.

Victoria secret there peaking out / It’d be a damn good secret to keep,” he whispers during ‘MMM Girl.’

And I got wandering hands getting lost in your wonderland” Rice sings amid the spoken-word verses of ‘U Turn.’

Then comes his favorite line on the album: “It starts with just a kiss, and then we take innocent, put it in the rear view mirror and haul a-- straight for sin,” Rice spits between beats on '50 Shades of Crazy.’

On these songs -- and much of the album -- Rice is who you expect him to be. Fans of the Gold-certified ‘Ready Set Roll’ will love ‘Do It Like This,’ a banjo-driven slow charmer that blends the best of everything Rice does. It’s edgy, pushing modern aside in favor of nuevo fusion, yet it’s pinned by country themes and instrumentation.

The more introspective moments on ‘Ignite the Night’ do indeed prove there’s more to Rice than picking up beautiful women and sipping Jack Daniels. He’s especially proud of ‘Jack Daniels & Jesus,’ a piano ballad that finds the singer drowning in life’s deep end. ‘Look at My Truck’ is equally effective lyrically and easier to digest after coming off the highs of the single and 'We Goin' Out.'

The song is about his truck — an ’85 Chevy — but really it’s about his values and the stories that have taught him important life lessons. On an album full of songs that ride along the edges of country music, this song is centered, which in its own way is a big risk.

Key Tracks: 'Do It Like This,' 'Gonna Wanna Tonight,' 'Look at My Truck,' 'Jack Daniels & Jesus.'

Great Expectations?: 'Ready Set Roll' went Gold for 500K singles sold before hitting Top 20 on the Billboard radio charts -- an exceptionally rare event in country music. Even Rice is surprised by its commercial success. "I knew it’d be huge for me live," he tells ToC, "but at that time I had no idea … I was never thinking singles because I didn’t have a record deal."

Did You Know?: Rice once dated country singer and reality television star Jessie James Decker. Their chemistry is on full display during the 'Buzz Back' music video Rice released in 2011.

Watch Chase Rice Sing 'Jack Daniels & Jesus'