In this gallery of Chase Rice pictures, catch up with the 'Survivor' star in a different light. Rice has always wanted to be a country singer, and he was never shy about his dreams as he fought for the $1 million grand prize on CBS's 'Survivor: Nicaragua.' Although he didn't win the big prize, Rice was able to display his true passion at the reunion show. As Taste of Country recently reported, host Jeff Probst questioned Rice about his hopes for country music stardom. Rice responded, "I know the big time guys in the music industry — Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, all those guys — they got there by fighting to get there. I’m fine with doing that." He then performed his song 'Buzz Back' on the live national broadcast, and people have been talking about him ever since. Rice released his country music album 'Friday Nights and Sunday Mornings' earlier this year, and since the broadcast, it has been launched into the Top 40 albums on iTunes. Scroll through these Chase Rice pictures and let us know what you think about the musician.