Chasin' Crazy are always all about a party. The Nashville band's lyric video for "Smack Dab" brings out that fun-loving attitude.

The clip starts with the Music City band waltzing through a big city before finally doing what they do best: performing. Landon Parker, Travis Fincher, Jimmy James Hunter, Creigh Riepe and Forest Miller play their instruments to the upbeat song in front of an enthusiastic crowd while the lyrics display around them. A sexy brunette bombshell appears in the background while Chasin' Crazy sing about her supermodel smile and supernova shine.

"Girl you put the bang / Put the bang in a bullet / Girl you're off the chain / Hot dang I wanna pull it," Parker sings while the tip of a gun and a female silhouette fill the screen.

Chasin' Crazy travel to various venues playing the infectious love song for their crowds. They get everyone moving as they sing about being stuck in the middle of whatever these feelings are. The song is the followup to the group's summertime party tune, "That's How We Do Summertime," and, just like the last single, it's one that is sure to get your toes tapping to the beat.