Chely Wright's documentary 'Wish Me Away' chronicles Wright's journey coming out -- something she battled with for years, and was able to follow through just last year.

News of the documentary was announced in early 2010, helmed by award-winning filmmakers Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf, who spent three years on the film. Birleffi and Kopf, professional and personal partners, hope to project the emotional journey Wright endured, including exclusive interviews with industry insiders, her confidants, as well as her family and friends.

But unlike her memoir 'Like Me,' the documentary will heavily cover Nashville's reaction to her recent revelation. "We wanted to include the Nashville response to Chely coming out in our film," Birleffi explains to After Ellen. "That’s a part of the story that you won’t find in Chely’s book or media interviews. We think you’ll find the response illuminating."

And with Wright penning most of her work, Kopf and Birleffi felt her music should also be heavily woven throughout the film. "We were impressed by how her songs told important parts of her life," Birleffi says.

"Music is what allows her to think and reflect and absorb," Kopf adds. "Ironically some of her old music videos help us tell the story."

Through connections from their previous film, 'Be Real: Stories form Queer America,' Birleffi and Kopf were introduced to Wright, just as they were serendipitously searching for a new project. "She confided in us her thoughts about coming out," Birleffi says. "We were inspired and felt her story would be a perfect fit for our next film."

A release date for 'Wish Me Away' has yet to be announced, but it will hopefully be in 2011.