Chely Wright and her girlfriend Lauren Blitzer are getting ready for their big day. On Saturday, August 20, the beautiful couple will marry in Connecticut at the home of Blitzer's aunt. Their wedding day has been something the two have been dreaming about since meeting just a couple weeks after Wright became the first major country music performer to publicly come out as being gay.

The singing bride-to-be has been keeping her supportive fans in the loop with the wedding planning, tweeting Monday, "And so begins the fun. Friends and family are driving/flying in from all over for our special day! @lulublitzer and I feel lucky!"

The couple, who both reside in New York City, announced their engagement and plans for a summer wedding in April, prior to the Big Apple becoming one of the six states in America to legalize same-sex marriage. For their wedding, Wright and Blitzer are looking forward to sticking to tradition on many of the day’s details, including the dress.

"It will definitely be a wedding dress. When two women get married, you want the dresses to coordinate, so we’ve been showing pictures to each other," Wright told PEOPLE earlier this year. "We’re not wearing veils -- we both like our hair too much!"

Rather than having a live band play during the reception, Wright and Blitzer have decided to go with a deejay to keep the party going.

“Bands at weddings make me nervous,” says Wright. “Sometimes they’re not great, and I’d be going, ‘Ugh, that doesn’t sound right.’ So we’re going to play all the campiest, cheesiest songs you can think of, [like] ‘Vogue’ [and] ‘You Shook Me All Night Long.’”

The celebration will feature barbecue from New York’s Blue Smoke, which Wright quickly points out was her bride-to-be’s idea, as Wright doesn’t eat meat. The engaged couple are expecting about 200 guests for their wedding day.

"This is gonna be fun!" Wright tweeted Tuesday morning. "@lulublitzer and I are really having a good time with our wedding week!"

Congrats to the happy couple!