Chris Janson helped write "Truck Yeah" for Tim McGraw in 2012. Last week he tweaked the title to "Trump Yeah" at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to celebrate Donald Trump's presidential nomination.

Video shows Trump and his wife Melania enjoying the message from the country singer. He's not singing along — to be fair, it's a challenging song to recite without practice — but he is seen waving to his supporters as they dance in the aisles. None of the other lyrics are tweaked to cater to the RNC. "Let me hear you say Trump yeah," is all Janson says to reflect the purpose of the event. It concludes with a long harmonica solo. The performance took place with the house band at the convention on Wednesday (July 20).

Danny Myrick and Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of LoCash also wrote "Truck Yeah," a popular song at McGraw concerts. LoCash once told Taste of Country the song was written in response to the group being told they couldn't write another truck song. The over-the-top nature of the lyrics and title was intentional, and it didn't keep the song from becoming a hit.

Billboard points out that McGraw's song (as performed by Janson) wasn't the only country moment during Day 3 of the RNC. Rodney Atkins' "It's America" was used at the conclusion of the festivities. Atkins himself was not on hand to sing the song. Neither artist has officially endorsed Trump.

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