Chris Young fans get rewarded for their dedication to the country star. In a recent chat with WGNA, who's down in Nashville chatting with the stars who are in town for the 2011 CMA Awards, Young revealed that the rumors that he brought coffee and donuts to fans who were waiting in line while in the cold to see him recently is indeed true.

"My tour manager said to me, 'Man, I got a weird idea. Those people have been standing out there, it's freezing cold. We got to take them coffee,'" Young recalled. He immediately greenlit the idea and said, "We got donuts and carried around jugs of coffee."

That's what we call curbside service. If you go to a Chris Young show and you turn up early to wait in line and you have to deal with frigid weather, maybe you'll enjoy a little java and some sweet treats ... on Young's dime!

Young also revealed why he has parted ways with his 10-gallon hat as of late. He was talked into trying it out at a photo shoot. Turns out he preferred how he looked hat-free, and a new Chris Young look was born.

"At the photo shoot for the new record, for 'Neon,' they seriously had to fight me," Young admitted. "[They said], 'We just want some photos of you without the hat. I was like, 'No, absolutely not.' Then I finally gave in. 'Fine, do what you want.'"

The stylists fixed Young's hair like he likes it, and the rest is history. "I thought, 'Man, I am going to try a show without my hat. People could see me, I could see them. I have never gone back. I love it," Young said.

The ladies also love it, since they can see the singer's handsome face as it's no longer obscured by the topper. To listen to the full audio of the interview, head over to WGNA.