Chris Young celebrated today's release of his new album 'Neon' by performing two songs from the album -- the hit single 'Tomorrow,' as well as the new tune 'You'-- on 'Good Morning America.' He brought his country-fried rock to the show's stage during the morning hours.

In a lightning quick, pre-performance chat with 'GMA' host Robin Roberts, Young was visibly stoked about releasing his first batch of new music in three years and thrilled that this is "the first time I have had a single go gold before the record came out!" That's what happens when you write quality, solid, catchy songs, Chris.

Young also talked about his "new look," thanks to a bit of an image makeover where he now shows his face more and lost some weight. He also performed without his cowboy hat obscuring his eyes. It's a fresh, terrific style and he wears it well.

When he performed the lovelorn ballad 'Tomorrow,' the lights went down low as he strummed on his acoustic guitar. His booming, deep voice sounded amazing and he turned up the tempo when performing the more upbeat 'You.'

No wonder Young is often named one of country music's hottest dudes. He looks good, sings well and writes songs that appeal to the lovely ladies, especially when he celebrates female awesomeness in a song like 'You.'

Watch Chris Young Perform 'Tomorrow'

Watch Chris Young Perform 'You'