'Voices' singer Chris Young likely sent his country-loving fans into a tailspin when he tweeted a photo of himself sporting a Justin Bieber hairdo on Wednesday with the caption, "Me as Justin Bieber's older brother." Honestly, we at Taste of Country kind of like this new look!

OK, OK -- we know Young was just pulling our chain with this one, likely bored riding shotgun in the car, but doesn't he look great with the Biebs' signature side swoop? If he could just get the dance moves down, he'd be set up for world domination, 'Baby' style.

Unfortunately, shortly after his initial tweet, Young made a retraction to clear things up with his confused fans. "Btw. Not a chance I'm leaving my hair like that. Doesn't work for me ha," he said.

Even if the 'Tomorrow' hitmaker lets this younger look go to waste, perhaps it could resurface as a Halloween costume? It's never too early to start planning!

When Young isn't playing dress up and admiring teen pop stars, he's promoting his new album, which hits shelves in just a few weeks.

'Neon' boasts 10 new country-packed tracks, including his big single, 'Tomorrow,' 'Save Water, Drink Beer,' 'When She's On' and more. 'Neon' will be released on July 12.

Watch the Chris Young 'Tomorrow' Video