Chris Young concluded a recent visit to New York City with a stop at the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' marking his first appearance on the show. Appropriately, the 29-year-old performed his newest single, 'Lonely Eyes,' for viewers nationwide.

Before Young took the stage on Friday night (Nov. 14), Letterman introduced him by mentioning the fact that he was Grammy-nominated. "Chris, he were go," the host said as the camera panned to the country star.

Young's band took the lead while the singer waited a few seconds before strumming the guitar, then crooning the lyrics to the beautiful 'Lonely Eyes.' The song is the latest song to radio from his fourth album, 'A.M.' Young's classic country sound took over the late night stage as he rocked back and forth, swaying with his band and looking like he was having the time of his life.

Lonely eyes / Well, it sure looks like / You just might / Be looking for something / For something," Young sang, giving the ladies a little show with a few of his shirt buttons undone.

'A.M.' is already shaping up to be a huge record for the singer. It has the No. 1 hit (his career sixth) 'Who I Am With You,' as well as 'Aw Naw,' which climbed to the Top 5. 'Lonely Eyes' is slated to perform just as well.

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