Chris Young's 'Lonely Eyes' music video will probably catch the eyes of his female fans. The clip finds a sexy, suave, gentlemanly Young playing his song for one beautiful woman.

Sure, it may start with the singer having 'Lonely Eyes,' but it doesn't end that way. Although the video is simple, it's also romantic and beautiful in its simplicity. A beautiful blonde is front and center in the video, with the audience seeing her even before seeing the singer.

Young is as handsome as ever with a green button-down and a beard. He looks serious at first, before cracking a smile at the camera, singing, "right through the cloud of smoke / catcalls and dirty jokes / scan the room a couple times / find a seat right next to mine."

The singer belts 'Lonely Eyes' in an enclosed brick room, with letters spelling out the song's title behind him, lighting up the brick walls. He strums his guitar while his love interest shows off her finger bling and tussles her long locks. The video focuses on the female's "lonely eyes" and glossy lips. In the end, Young strolls over to her and takes her hand. The video ends with their sweet encounter.

If that's not enough to satisfy your Young craving, watch his live performance of the song here.

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