Chris Young is one of country music's fastest rising stars, and the uber-talented singer announced today that he's gearing up to glow with his third album 'Neon,' which has a release date set for July 12.

Young, who was nominated for a 2011 Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance, was heavily involved in the writing of the album, having co-written seven of the album's 10 tracks, so his voice is all over 'Neon' and its cuts. Young also co-wrote 'Tomorrow,' a tender tale of heartache, which is the album's lead track. It's interesting and ironic that the album's lead single is a mournful song, but the album title is bright and cheery.

The song tears at your heart strings, and the accompanying video, which tracks a crumbling relationship that just ain't meant to be no matter hard the involved parties wish the opposite was true, is enough to yank tears out of your eyes. Young is really going for the emotional jugular with this song, and we cannot wait to hear the rest of the album to see what sort of musical roller coaster he takes us on.

Young will embark on a tour this summer with Jason Aldean, so fans will be able to get a healthy dose of ‘Neon’ all summer long.

Watch the Chris Young 'Tomorrow' Video