Chris Young may be known for his hit 'Gettin' You Home,' but the singer is bringing a "piece" of home to US troops stationed overseas with his Piece of Home Tour, which will take Young to Iraq and Kuwait from April 13 through April 21. This trek marks Young's second tour for the troops and his first performance in Kuwait. He previously toured the area in October 2009, and did so with Craig Morgan and two wounded heroes.

During the tour, Young and his band will perform five shows at five camps in the region. But Young is going a step further: He is offering special acoustic sets at various remote FOBs -- that's military speak for Forward Operating Bases -- that rarely enjoy celebrity entertainment. Young is definitely making the most of his trip to the Middle East to offer a slice of home to those who sacrifice themselves to serve our country and its people.

Young will head to the desert bearing gifts, as well. He has been collecting iTunes gift cards from fans and will distribute them to the men and women in the armed forces during his travels. If there is one thing that can make being stationed in a foreign country far from home tolerable, it's music, so kudos to Young for giving back to the troops in so many ways.