Chris Young caught up with WSOC backstage in Charlotte recently to answer questions posed by fans and listeners via Twitter and Facebook. Young addressed his road to success and the post-show pressure of appearing on 'Nashville Star.'

Young also discussed the unwavering support provided to him by his label, saying, "It got me to RCA Records and when people don't have a hit on first record, the label drops them, but I am lucky to be with a label that believes in me and I got to make a second record."

The label isn't the only entity that keeps Young going. His fans also play a big part in his road to success. "I am lucky to have people who followed me from the very beginning," he acknowledges. "You have to have that kind of support, with fans buying your tickets and CDs."

The 'Gettin' You Home' singer also talked about working with the legend that is Willie Nelson. "That was cool for me since I was a huge fan anyway," Young says. "He wanted to come in and do something on my record … We cut a song that was a huge hit for Waylon Jennings."

It wasn't as difficult to get someone as high profile as Nelson to commit as one might think, either. "We asked him and he said he would," Young recalls. "That is always nerve-wracking, when you have to ask someone. I am glad it worked out and he came in the studio."