Ladies, keep out! That's the rule on country singer Chris Young's tour bus. But before you go freaking out and mistakenly assume that Young is sexist or doesn't appreciate the female fans, he's not letting ladies enter his house-on-wheels while on the road for a good reason. He's just trying to avoid the temptations of the traveling lifestyle, which includes tons of beautiful women interested in meeting and/or hooking up with him, because work comes first!

Besides no girls being allowed on the bus to create a distraction, he has stopped going to clubs after shows as well, since he is in the zone when it comes to his career. “I’m really focused on work," Young told about his on-the-road routines and priorities. That doesn't stop girls from approaching him, but most of the time, he lets 'em down easy, saying, "I shrug it off with a ‘thank you very much.'"

Wow, Young really is behaving while on tour. Most guys hit the road and it's open season for mass hook ups. Young is the exception to that rule! Young also admitted that the ladies let him know how they feel about him with the signs they hold up at his gigs. “There have been suggestive signs at my shows before. It doesn't suck," he said. Of course it doesn't -- one of the biggest perks of musician life is that access to ladies. He also joked, "If girls had signs that said, ‘Hey, your music’s good but stay away from me,’ that probably wouldn’t be as much fun."

It would be even more fun if Young put work aside for an hour or two, but to each his own!