In the video for 'Voices,' Chris Young's No. 1 hit, he included pretty much every member of his family, except for one. His little sister Dot was in boot camp for the Marine Corps at the time of the shoot, so a photograph of her had to suffice. Now, Young's taken to his Twitter to share some exciting news: He's about to be an uncle to his sister's baby-to-come.

Young tweets, "Thanks for all the congrats on me being an uncle guys. My little sis is engaged, pregnant and everyone's excited."

The country star already has plans for his new niece or nephew: "Basically, what I told Dot, my sister, is that I’m going to feed her kid Milky Way bars and send her pictures on the phone and be like, ‘Let me have the kid for a little while, I got it, no, no, it’s fine.'" He laughs and adds, "I can spoil it. Then when it comes time to take care of everything, I can give it back."

Young, whose grandfather Richard taught him how to play the guitar, has long had a career that's been a family affair. As previously mentioned, his video for 'Voices' features appearances from most of his family. He originally was going to hire a stunt family, but decided he'd ask his own instead ... and 29 people showed up! As for where his sister appears in the video, the 'Tomorrow' singer reveals, "When I walk in the house in the video, I reach over and I pick up a picture. It's me and someone who looks a lot like me with longer hair, and that's my little sister."

His sister has now graduated from boot camp, and she’s ready to go to MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) school to study aviation electronics. There is no word on her due date, but we're sending our well wishes to the family!