To celebrate the release of his new record I’m Comin' Over, Chris Young has given fans one more taste of the new project by way of a new lyric video for his duet with Vince Gill, “Sober Saturday Night.” The song is a ballad wrought with personal pain, suffering the effects of a rough breakup, but the lyrics gradually reveal the story isn’t quite what you expect.

The tune begins by describing the typical symptoms of a hangover — feeling awful, having to pull the shades to avoid the sting of the sunlight — but soon listeners discover it’s not about recovering from a night of indulging with alcohol. It’s a recovery from a night without it.

Young tells the story of having to face the reality of a lost love and the pain of waking up alone. He sings the tune with conviction, and Gill joins in on the second verse to add even more emotion to the delivery. The characteristically flawless harmonies from Gill enhance the tune's sense of desperation and honesty, creating one powerful breakup song.

“I grew up loving Vince Gill,” Young says. “That guy sounds just like his record — or better than his record. I’ve always been such a fan. I asked him to do it. He was like, ‘Come over to my house.’ So I got to sit in Vince Gill’s studio and hang out with him. It was a great day.”

The artist wrote the song along with Brad Warren and Brett Warren, one of nine he co-wrote for the record. Check out the full lyric video above. I’m Comin' Over is available everywhere now.

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